Everything at 365 Degrees is fueled by the passion & dedication of inspired youth. We are always on the lookout for individuals who dare to stand out and take risks. Humans who want to immortalise their experiences in stories and share them to bring a positive change. Every 365 Degrees member is a class apart from the regular crowd in the way they take on life and enjoy every bit of it. These are the people who dare to explore, venture out into the unknown, step out of their comfort zones and are always willing to learn.

365 Degrees provides an environment like no other. It works towards providing experiences that is refreshingly unconventional, with a balance between fun, learning and work, while being a cross-disciplinary platform for all ingenious people out there. But most importantly, we come together to have fun with work, put ideas in motion, do what we love and rejoice with the creative community.


Apart from the awesomeness and immense learning, being a part of 365 Degrees gives you additional benefits.

  • Access to the National Network of youth-driven ideas.

  • A chance to organise Licensed events under 365 Degrees Banner.

  • Access to multi-disciplinary skill development resources.

  • Be a part or head the Local Renaissance Movement in your city through the 365 Degrees community.

  • A chance to participate in the National & regional events organised by 365 Degrees.

  • Join and engage with the community for various mini-projects.

  • Community backing for any project you wish to start.

  • Work with Partner organisations to learn and expose yourself to various fields.

  • Avail benefits of 365 Degrees Partnerships at various events.



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