• This Is How Stories Are Made.

    Expose yourself to a mix & match of a diverse set of disciplines, perspectives, and work environments. Develop new skills, meet interesting people and be a part of conceptual events that are created by merging diverse disciplines that push the limits of your creativity.

The hardest part of learning something new is trying it out.
At Mixed, you’ll get a chance to experience an amalgam of multiple genres in an
event style that would urge you to experiment, try and learn.

What is Mixed?

Mixed is a unique event platform that fuses traditional event themes and concepts to bring out different and new events each time. Each Mixed event creates a unique, never before learning experience for both the attendees and organisers. It provides a blend of various subjects, topics and activities into a single event, attracting an audience passionate about a variety of fields to come and experiment with ideas and push the limits of their creativity.

How it works?

The beauty of Mixed is that it is a community platform for self-expression. The organisers’ mix topics they are passionate about creating an experience for their community. Creating a unique experience each time is a difficult task, but the fruits are every bit worth it. Each Mixed follows a pattern to create new events and themes for events organised everywhere. The process takes you through a journey ideal for experiments. Mix different interests to build and experience for your community. The versatility of the format is what forms the basis of Mixed.

How do I Organise a Mixed?

Being a MIXED Event organiser can be an extraordinary experience. It’s also a big commitment. If you want to organise a MIXED event, you’ll need to apply for a MIXED license. No one is eligible to organise an event without being granted a license by 365 Degrees. The License application covers details about you and the ideas that you have in mind for Mixed. It also serves as a platform to help you blend topics and themes that you are passionate about to create a unique experience. The application submission is followed by a telephonic Interview after which the Applicant is issued a one-time License valid for one year to organise Mixed at a local level.

What are the Ideal locations for organising a Mixed?

A Mixed is generally organised at high energy venues which see a lot of youth involvements. Ideal locations are University campuses, bars, restaurants, clubs, gardens, homes, studios, beaches, conference halls etc. There is a lot of flexibility in venue selection for Mixed because of the versatility of the event format. People can get creative and organise Mixed in haunted areas, hideouts, forests, army camps, etc. The possibilities are simply limitless.