A day in the life of SRM T-shirt


Immortalise your life at SRM with this amazing and unique t-shirt designed just for SRMites by one of the coolest communities that operate in SRM!

A Day in the Life of SRM t-shirts are now open for Pre-booking

Pre-Booking Details

Number of t-shirts: 500 only


SRM University, Kattankulathur Delivery: Free Delivery

Flat Delivery rate for rest of India: Rs150

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Introducing A day in the life of SRM T-shirts!
Available on pre-orders only!

A day in the life of SRM T-shirt by 365 DegreesA day in the life of SRM T-shirt by 365 DegreesA day in the life of SRM T-shirt by 365 DegreesA day in the life of SRM T-shirt by 365 DegreesA day in the life of SRM T-shirt by 365 Degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who has designed this t-shirt?
    This t-shirt has been designed and manufactured by the creative team of 365 Degrees.
  2. Why is the t-shirt Limited Edition?
    A Day in the life of SRM T-shirt design is a propriety copyright of 365 Degrees.  We manufacture and sell only a limited Number of t-shirt every year. Hence a handful of people get their hands on this to awesome limited edition product.
  3. I missed the pre-booking deadline, can I still order a t-shirt?
    No, once the booking is closed the only way you can get an A day in the life of SRM t-shirt is during the next sale. You can contact srijan@365deg.com for availability and other details.
  4. How much does the Shipping cost?
    Shipping is free to SRM University Campus at Kattankulathur
     and will be done on priority once the manufacturing is complete.
    A Flat rate of Rs. 150/piece is charged for all orders being shipped to anywhere in India(Except SRM University, Kattankulathur).
  5. Can I pay by Cash on Delivery?
    No. These limited edition T-shirts are available online via online booking. You can make a payment via Paytm for individual orders or Direct Bank Transfer for bulk orders (10 and above)
  6. How do I order multiple t-shirts of Different Sizes together?
    It’s simple. Add the t-shirts of one size to the basket first and then add the t-shirts of the next size and so on.






About 365 Degrees

365 Degrees is a youth-run Organisation with a deep-rooted belief in unleashing & utilising creativity. It exposes individuals to a diverse set of disciplines, perspectives, and work environments, enabling them to develop new skills and master them with real-life experiences. The organisation strongly believes in the ideologies of the Renaissance and promotes multi-disciplinary skill development through various programs providing a platform for the youth to explore, learn and enhance their inner creative.