• 20 images x 18 seconds + 5 seconds of love=

    365 Seconds On Stage

    Short, concise, to-the-point and IMPACTFUL stage time to share ideas, stories, experiences and more!






What is 365 SOS?

S.O.S stands for seconds on stage. 365 seconds on stage is a presentation format allowing you 365 seconds on stage with 20 images for 18 seconds each. The presentation slides advance automatically and the presenter talks along. Also, there are additional 5 seconds of love.

Who invented the Format?

Well, we would say it was the need of the hour that helped us land at this style of stage time event format.

20 images x 18 seconds + 5 seconds of love = 365 Seconds On Stage.

Why is there a need for such a format?

It’s simple. We wanted to cut short the long stories and performances while at the same time, give a certain level of challenge to our presenters. The aim is to have short, concise, to-the-point and IMPACTFUL stage time.

Where to host a 365 SOS?

It can be hosted anywhere! All you need is a stage and a timer. The organisers can even do away with the presentations if they believe they can make an interesting event without it. 365 SOS has been hosted in bars, restaurants, clubs, gardens, universities, auditoriums and some places we rather not name!

Who can present?

Anyone with a good story to share. This is the essence of 365 SOS. you can be 8 years old or 80 it doesn’t really matter, just make sure you keep your audience entertained and engrossed.

How to have an awesome 365 SOS?

The best way to use your stage time is to share something that is unheard of! Be it ideas, experiences, thoughts or talents. The presenters have shared some incredible stories, personal incidents and some hilarious incidents, but all different from one another.

How can I run a 365 SOS event?

We don’t ask anyone to run the event, people fall in love with the idea and they ask us. We planned it to be a one-time thing but the people couldn’t get enough of ‘the experience’. Check if there is someone running 365 SOS in your city, if not then why don’t you take it up. You can get in touch for more details.

How is the network supported?

The network is currently supported by 365 Degrees organisation along with a few partners who support the movement covering all the costs for staff and web development. We are currently looking out for different ways to keep the project sustainable and viable as the network expands.

Why is 365 SOS Copyrighted?

365 SOS intellectual copyrights are held by 365 Degrees. This has been done to protect the effort and hard work of 365 SOS organisers and network across the globe. It is hosted for content and not for huge profits.

Who organises 365 SOS?

 365 SOS is run at a city level by city organisers. They are like enablers, who ensure the spirit and quality of 365 SOS in their respective cities. This is not a full-time occupation, 365 SOS is run only to drive inspiration, learning and entertainment. They mostly hail from creative fields but this is really not necessary. The organisers are generally supported by a number of volunteers who help put together an entire 365 SOS event. The more the people, the better.

We are planning to organise a global level event supported by 365 Degrees organisation.

Is 365 SOS a one of a kind presentation style?

Hell no! There are a bunch of crazy, impatient people out there. Ignite, Pecha Kucha and a number of other formats share our thinking of limited stage time with an element of fun! We tried them and we loved them, you should too.

Is 365 SOS like a network?

Yes! It is as social as it gets in ‘real life’. We believe in living life without a screen in front of our eyes whenever possible and meet some interesting people while at it.


Want to bring 365 SOS to your City?

Drop us an Email


Bring 365 SOS to your city!




  • Make sure you have gone through the 365 SOS Page for everything you need to know about the event.
  • Get in touch with us by dropping an email at srijan@365deg.com.
  • You’ll need a day job, we are not planning to have people organise 365 SOS events as a business because it is not.
  • Literally, anyone can organise a 365 SOS, but make sure you keep the event interesting.
  • We like keeping things to grassroots, we prefer individuals running 365 SOS events, but there are no restrictions even if an organisation wants to take it up.
  • You will need an excellent network of people in your city in order to invite quality presenters as well as a good crowd to attend.
  • You will need a team to organise the event. The broader and more diverse the network, the better.
  • City Managers are stewards to take forward the spirit of what 365 Degrees stands for.
  • You’ll have to hustle for a venue. It is never easy to find a venue for such an event and bars and clubs tend to be full.
  • If there is more than one person in a city wanting to run 365 SOS in the city, we introduce them to each other and it has always proven successful. The greater the diversity of people in 365 SOS, the better is the event.
  • We normally take a month to process your application and grant you the City License. We may say yes or no, so be prepared either way.
  • The 365 SOS license is free, but generally, all events donate 20% of their revenue towards 365 Degrees to cover our running costs.
  • We never ask people to run a 365 SOS event in a city. Every organising team is made up of enthusiasts and passionate people who take it up by themselves for their city. So, get in touch if you would think your city needs one.
  • If you are an organisation willing to take up 365 SOS in your city or for your organisation then please get in touch with us here.


Want to bring 365 SOS to your City?

Drop us an Email